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January 2, 2012
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RC: Goblins by BloodnSpice RC: Goblins by BloodnSpice


Description: Goblins are not particularly a race with a good reputation among any other race, but they're generally resourceful perseverance has made it so that's not particularly a problem. Though not usually what one would call 'smart', with eccentric personalities and great determination, many goblins have made great engineers and inventors.Though usually only after much trial and error, especially error.They've made many great things, simply because they're too stupid to stop trying. They can be nasty fighters as well, though usually not when alone. What strikes terror in many a traveler is dozens, or even hundreds of these creatures coming at you in the dark. They've made decent shamans in the past, though tend to fail in anything but troublesome curses and a fireball spell.

Culture: Goblins live in societies that work surprisingly well for a race that gives the impression of always being at odds with itself. Hundreds in the same group of goblins can be wiped out but they manage to spring back up unto their feet much faster than most other races. Though goblin societies tend to fall short of the title kingdom due to their disorganization, and instability.

A goblin's normal life does not usually consist of getting married, having kids, and working for the new generation.Instead, it more works of in an order of gain treasure, have as many offspring as you can, and move higher up in whatever society you're a part of until you keel over.

Since parents rarely ever live together to raise a child, a child will stay with it's mother until the age of 7. If it's a boy he will leave to his father to learn his father's trade. If it is a girl, she will stay with the mother to learn hers. The eldest child of their gender usually takes the place of their parents place when they pass, and the cycle continues.

Though money is important to them, among other goblins, trinkets, treasure and some of the simplest shiny things can be used just like money.The more a goblin has of it, the higher of a status that goblin may be seen as having. In fact, many goblins have been known for an unhealthy obsession for anything shiny. If you invite one to a dinner party and your fancy silverware goes missing, you were asking for it.

Origin:The elves say they crawled like vermin from the pits that they often crawl back to, to escape the blessed rays of the sun.

The goblins often say they were the oldest race to have ever graced the land as the beloved people of the moon god.

However history by ear and artifact has shown no evidence of goblins ever having existed before the demi-god tainted the land. It is quite commonly believed, by every race but them, that the goblins came from elves that could not overcome the darkness that spread. Unlike the dark elves of course, their bodies took a less appealing turn, showing what laid beneath on the outside as well. They simply do not want to believe they are related to the other.

Avg. Lifespans:tend to die young (in their teens and twenties but stand a good chance of living to around 70 with good luck and experience.)The longest a goblin can possibly live is shrouded in mystery. There were accounts that a goblin had once lived to an impressive three hundred years old without any help from the arcane. However, the race in general is rather infamous for it's...accidents, so they usually die by unnatural causes.

Avg. Heights:3'5" - 5'5" (not unknown to vary even more so on occasion. )
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Multisimsim Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
They keep on getting better and better!
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shannaroooooo Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2012  Student Filmographer
I'm not that much of a goblin fan but with this art, I suddenly had the urge to make one. *A* MAN THESE RACE EXAMPLES ARE ALL SO GOOD <3333 GO RC! \o/
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