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January 25, 2012
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RC: Golems by BloodnSpice RC: Golems by BloodnSpice


Description: Golems are one of the most unique races simply because they are made of solid stone and magic. Many think of these 'people' as mere objects, animated stone only able to move with the help of powerful magic. But within each golem is a soul, and a consciousness.

Every golem is crafted out of solid stone, a core which holds their soul, and gems with stored magic within them. They need this supply of magic as they are incapable of creating their own energy to move themselves, and have to replace each stone when the magic within it runs out. It's impossible for these creatures to truly die as they are not alive and are not effected by age unless you count it as weathering. When all the magic within a golem runs out, or is destroyed they 'shut down' and go into a sleep which will not end unless they are once again supplied with magic. The closest the golem can come to dying is being completely obliterated, in which their core, and soul is destroyed. Because of this reincarnation is impossible for them unless the soul is somehow released.

They make wonderful magicians, especially in dark magic as it is known to some extent by them at 'birth'. They can make wickid fighters as well, however they're sluggish with allt he weight their bodies must carry and usually have obvious weak points. More then anything, near all of them are to some extent artists. It should be noted however they make horrible healers and caretakers.

Culture: Golem births are something rather rare, as to be born they must be created by what is known as a 'crafter'. Crafters are highly regarded by other golems, and very important to their survival. They're artists which sculpt stone and magic to create 'life.'

Next important, and a good reason why golems are often seen as monsters by other races, are what many refer to as soul snatchers. Though not always golems, they are the ones that provide cores, the vessels that hold souls. They often catch unsuspecting victims of other races while they're unprepared and steal their souls away so they may become a golem. However once a golem, very few remember their past life. Though it's rumored sometimes they may see memories of it in their dreams, and that personality passes on to their new life. There are many people who devote their time specifically to destroying golems and freeing these 'trapped' souls.

Though the more average life of a golem usually includes something more like sitting around all day and enjoying nature. Finding new magical stones to power themselves with. Decorating themselves with metals, cloth, plants, jewels and whatever else they can get their hands on so they can show off how fabulous they are to the other golems. And as was what they were originally made for, they still make wonderful guards and often times make deals for magic stones with mining races to act as protectors. Some may also be practicing to one day become crafters by making simpler creatures from stone, such as animals, which may be used as more proper pets and steeds for the heavy creatures.

Also something to remember, is though they are cold and hard in body, many believe the emotions of a golem are stronger then most can imagine, due to their lack of being able to feel anything physically. They also have no need to eat or sleep, though sometimes 'shut down' to preserve their energy. And needless to say they have no sexual desire, but are fully able to feel love.

They are also one of few races which a majority worship the demi god rather then the god or goddess.

Origin: When the world was still untainted by the demi god's touch, the gods placed stone beings across the world as protectors. They watched silently over sacred places, beings and objects, and over the people unless called to duty.

Their might was especially something to witness when the demi god's rise began, as they rose up to fight at their master's bidding. A formidable foe to the dark one's army's, he stepped in to handle them himself.

So he cursed the moving stone with desire, with passion, sadness, anger, and joy. He gave them a mind of their own and broke them from the chains his family had kept on their servants. They became overwhelmed and ceased their fighting, reality setting in on fresh minds for the first time. And then he held his arms out to them, and taught them how to live, and many joined him, thankful that they had been given free will.

When the demi god was sealed into the underworld his adopted children became lost, and nearly all were wiped out by the surviving races. It was then, when times for them had become so desperate that they'd taken to fighting each other and stealing each others bodies, one brave golem journeyed to the underworld and back against all odds. The demi god bestowed on them one last gift to survive, dark magic. And it was he that became the first crafter and taught the others how to do the art and save their kind.

Size: They can come in a very wide range of sizes. From stories tall to only a few inches, though a majority are usually about 8 to 13 feet tall. Please remember though that they are solid stone and even ones the size of a small human are still very very heavy.
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BLACK-CHOUJI Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
do the stones have to be blue?
BloodnSpice Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Nope. they can be any highly saturated color with a glow. 
NamelessManic Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
If they use this "dark" magic are they evil by their design? Or are they simply misunderstood as it is the only way in which they can live now?
MissingSock Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Out of curiosity, how mature are golems usually upon creation? Young adult, teen, child, etc; Does the age/maturity of the original person's soul affect it at all, or do they have to start completely from scratch?
BloodnSpice Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
it's all depending on how they were as a person before they were made into a golem. They don't remember their past lives however, but souls tend to keep the same personalities even after reincarnation.
Three-Stripes Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
okay, question!

the souls that are used to create these golems. Soul snatchers are the ones who steal the souls of the living and give them to crafter to create a golem right? can one hire such people to purposely turn a specific individual into a golem?

all a golem needs to live is magically enchanted stones right?
BloodnSpice Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
yes but that individual does not remember their past life once turned into a golem.

and it takes enchanted crystals as well as a 'core' which houses the soul, usually hidden within the rock body.
Three-Stripes Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
the recharging of the core is basically feeding the crystals to the core right?
BloodnSpice Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
If by feeding you mean magically connected to and gives the entire body the magical energy it needs to move, and speak than yes. The crystals are the colored stones you see in the example
Three-Stripes Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
okay, thanks!
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