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RC: Merfolk by BloodnSpice RC: Merfolk by BloodnSpice
This race is not a playable race. Only Founders may use this race. Submissions of characters from this race will not be accepted.

Decription: Merfolk are the primary race of the waters, and a force to be reckoned with.. as long as you're near water that is. They can be greatly differentiated by their gender. The females, with smaller fins and slimmer frame are faster, and more brutal than their male counterparts. The very violent mermaid is not beneath eating those from other races,(though golems are impossible and goblins tend to be left alone). And they have the hunger for it to boot, constantly going up towards the surface to catch anything stupid enough to enter the water, in order to nourish their eggs before they're laid. Some more clever and older mermaids are capable of singing a 'siren's song' and attracting the opposite gender (or more correctly the correct sexual orientation) right into the water with them.

Mermen, with broader frames and longer fins, tend to be more intelligent then their female counterparts. However the merman is rarely seen, staying near their homes at the bottom of the body of water they live in. When one wanders it's usually from great curiosity or duty, and violence is usually a last resort. Their diets are also mostly vegetarian, and their most common reason for killing those of other races is actually due to accidents because of their curiosity. Though they will do anything they feel they have to protect their waters. Though they usually don't know how to cast a siren's song, they make powerful spell casters, that can summon the power of storms.

Culture: Merfolk culture can differ greatly depending on the body of water they live in. Freshwater merfolk, that live in lakes and river and usually have the duller coloring of the fish that live there, are usually very small tribal groups. They're usually less intelligent, smaller of body, and a much smaller threat since their homes tend to be more easily found and destroyed by other races. Many freshwater tribes did not last throughout the war however. The more common salt water merfolk, can have vast and complicated cities hidden beneath the water, with a proper structure of government and military and near impossible to actually reach due to the sheer depths their homes are located in. Though all merfolk tend to be very devoted to the moon god, and have a powerful merman as their king or tribe leader.

Origin: As in contrast to the original goddess worshiping druids that formed the beastmen ages ago, the first merfolk were supposedly people of much the same mindset and worshipers of the god Lucise. After descending into the water their bodies changed permanently to imitate the life that lived there, and they lost their legs for a finny appendage, in order to escape the carnage the war brought and protect the forces of nature often forgotten by land dwellers.

Avg. Lifespan: 100- 150. Men usually live longer.

Avg. Length: 5ft - 7ft Men are usually larger.
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