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A thanks to everyone who commissioned me! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. If you missed out feel free to check out my regular Commissions.  I'll likely have more sales on holidays  I don't actually do anything for so keep a look out!

    For today only, I'm offering 3$ chibi sketch commissions, and 7$ Chibi colored sketch commissions! 3$ for additional sketch chibies on the same page, and 5$ for additional colored chibies on the same page.  No limit on slots, but the sale and opportunity end at 11:59 pm EST. Note me to get your commission. Pay on confirmation.

2spoopy by BloodnSpiceBell-cat: Anelace Chibi by BloodnSpice


:iconpanacaea: 2 chara sketch - paid
:iconalanialove: 2 chara colored sketch - paid
:iconalanialove: 2 chara colored sketch - paid
:iconoriginalseussi: 2 chara sketch - paid
:iconoriginalseussi: 2 chara sketch - paid
:iconoriginalseussi: Colored sketch - paid
:iconmopomoko: 2 chara colored sketch - paid
:iconblueberrygoblin: 4 chara colored sketch
:iconmediciner: sketch - paid
:iconmediciner: sketch - paid
:iconmediciner: sketch - paid
:iconlilwolfpard: 2 chara colored sketch - paid
:iconexclaimed: sketch - paid
:iconexclaimed: 2 chara sketch - Paid
:iconwritingrin: sketch - paid
:iconwritingrin: 2 chara sketch - paid

Skin Creator by SimplySilent

Valentines Couple Commissions Special

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2013, 8:53 AM

Blood's Journal

I am no longer taking any more couple commissions. for those who have purchased one, two,three or five much thanks! I'll be posting them all together later tonight, (hopefully while it's still today)  Happy Valentines! I'll also stop putting this journal in your inboxes

I'm not taking any more commissions after 6:30pm EST. so I can make sure I can finish these before it's not Valentines any more lol  

First off, happy valentines ladies and gents.  I've got a special offer just for a portion of today for those who may be interested.  

I'm doing couple doodles for 5$ or 500 DA points, and I will be streaming them on for a while today. You don't have to join the to order one and you don't have to order one to join the  No exact period on how long the offer will last. Probably depends on how many commissions I do or don't get, and how well my internet keeps up.  I'll  edit this journal when the  offer has expired.

Take note though the commissions will just be doodles, not up to par with my usual full body sketches and perhaps not even full body depending what I feel like. I'm not taking super detailed or super specific commissions.

if you want me to add color you can for another 5$ or 500 points.

Just drop me a note or email me at with reference of the couple you want me to draw and how you're paying. A brief synopsis of their  relationship is also appreciated.  Couples only. Stream will begin at around noon.  Until then it'll be paused.

Stream - - - >    

Waiting List
:icono-r-e-k-i: x2 (Done)
:iconmopomoko: x 2( Done)
:icono-r-e-k-i: x 2 again(done)
:iconroyal-jelliefish: x 3
:iconsephirosu: x2
:iconblueberrygoblin: x3

Fullbody Commission Auction! (Finished!)

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 17, 2012, 11:05 AM

Blood's Journal

Hello hello! So I'm still working on my portrait sketches but most' of'em should be done and out there before this auction is even done. Full body pieces will have the full body but aren't to be mixed up with composed pieces where I try to make things look particularly dramatic. Really good if you just want character art showing your character off.

If you want more then one character you will have to bid on more than one slot.

Your bid must be a dollar or more than the current lowest bid of that category.

Paypal only

Bid by commenting on this journal with how much your bidding for each slot and the amount of slots as well as the category you are bidding on.  

Different categories have a different number of available slots.

Auction ends Sept. 24 11:59 PM EST.

Fullbody Sketch Commission
Silver by BloodnSpice
1 -HB :iconcrackncake: - 11$
2 - HB :iconalpacasoul: - 10$
3 - HB :iconcrackncake: - 11$
4 - HB :iconmopomoko: - 10$
5 - HB :iconalpacasoul: - 10$

Fullbody Colored Sketch Commission
Kyouhei by BloodnSpice
1- HB :iconbell-cat: - $10
2- HB :iconsunflowersmash: - $15
3- HB :iconsunflowersmash: - $15

Fullbody Painted Commission
Harmonia by BloodnSpice
1. - HB :iconroyal-jelliefish: - $30

PS: Creatures like the pokemon seen in the examples count as another character and would need another slot during this auction unless they are small and un-detailed.

Portrait Commission Auction (OVER! Winners .)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 25, 2012, 12:52 PM

Blood's Journal

Just like I did in the past with my chibi commissions I am now offering the same with my headshots. It's just a bust, either neck or shoulders upward. If you'd like the portrait to have a transparent background like my chibies, simply state so.

If you'd like to place a bid just comment on the journal with your bid, and keep track of when the journal updates to make sure you haven't been outbid.

There will be several slots for each available commission except for painted, and as long as you are not the lowest bidder you will not be kicked off the slots when someone else bids higher. (depending on the number of slots they bid for) You may also bid for multiple commissions by simply stating so.

Paypal Only.

Edit: Must bid at least a dollar or more than lowest bid in a category.

Three days to pay after winning.

And to those who have commissioned the chibies they're nearly done and will be up before the end of this auction. (I'm only putting up one piece a day so my work is spread out. Much less stress inducing all the while I still have to be productive. )  

Auction ends in one week.  Sept. 2nd, 12:01 AM EST

Portrait Sketch Commissions
Ash Ketchum by BloodnSpice
1. HB- :iconberurustar: 3$
2.HB- :iconberurustar: 3$
3.HB- :iconroyal-jelliefish: 2$
4.HB- :iconroyal-jelliefish: 2$
5.HB- :iconroyal-jelliefish: 2$

Colored Portrait Sketch Commission
The boy who lived by BloodnSpice
1.HB-:iconremixedmagic: 7$
2.HB-:iconroyal-jelliefish: 5$
3. HB-:iconroyal-jelliefish: 5$

Painted Portrait Commission
Simon by BloodnSpice
1.HB- :iconjamie-l: 15$

Join.meing Simon(OFF)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 23, 2012, 3:52 PM

Blood's Journal

Painting a Simon from Gurren Lagann head shot. Join if you wish. Slightly laggy probably, but apparently not annoyingly so.

----> <-----

Chibi Commission Auction(CLOSED!)

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 11:18 AM

Blood's Journal

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for participating. I will send you all notes soon on how to pay and so you can tell me what you would like for your commission(s).

I think I'm in an auctiony mood everybody.I'm still trying to gather money since I have none, but this is also a way I want to gather some information. I got no takers on my prices for chibi commissions so I'll  use this as a way to see how high my prices go, when you choose them.

Auction works like this: There are three different categories for commissions.

chibi Sketch: Council Chibi Sketches by BloodnSpice

Chibi Colored Sketch: Council Chibies 2 by BloodnSpice

Painted Chibi: council Chibies 3 by BloodnSpice

Each one has so many slots for people. The top bidders, how many depending on how many slots will get those commissions.

To bid, comment with the category, and then the slot you are bidding on. If someone has previously bid on this slot, bid by replying to the highest bidder. You may bid on as many slots as you please for more pictures or multiple characters. One character per slot.

Payment is paypal only. Payment will be  expected within 3 days of winning.

$1 or more increase each bid.

Chibi Sketch:
Slot 1:  HB :iconsunflowersmash: - 2$
Slot 2: HB - :iconsunflowersmash:- $2
Slot 3: HB  :iconarada: - $2.50
Slot 4: HB - ::icondoom-seeker: $1
Slot 5: HB - ::icondoom-seeker: $1

Colored Chibi Sketch
Slot 1: HB :iconremixedmagic: - 6$
Slot 2: HB:iconbell-cat: - 6$
Slot 3 HB :iconbell-cat: - 6$

Painted Chibi
Slot 1: HB :iconsunflowersmash: - $15

Auction ends  Aug. 13th 12:01 AM EST

Also unrelated to the auction

I'm sorry I have been so away lately. There has been a lot of stress. My grandma nearly died (from my mother's side) , then my grandpa went to the hospital (on my dad's side) just after the one year anniversary of my mother's death. Then just last week my grandpa passed away. On top of still not finding a job, not feeling the most confidence, rarely getting out of the house as well as my dad being home for six weeks after a surgery. I suppose I've been avoiding the added stress the internet sometimes causes me. I'm trying to get back into the swing but with my dad around he pulls me away from time to time and he has some big plans.

Anyhow, I hope you understand, and thanks if you do. Hope you're all doing well.

Commissions -OPEN-

Fri Jun 22, 2012, 6:12 PM

$10 Commissions

Chibi Sketches
Portrait Sketches

2spoopy by BloodnSpiceDio by BloodnSpice

$15 Commissions

Waist-Up Sketch -
Colored Portrait Sketch
Colored Chibi Sketch

Micro Dedenne by BloodnSpice Comm: Marina by BloodnSpiceBell-cat: Anelace Chibi by BloodnSpice

$20 Commissions

Waist-Up Colored Sketch
Full-Body Sketch

Zasha Waist up colored sketch by BloodnSpiceComm: AimlessTrickster by BloodnSpiceXuxa Icon by BloodnSpice

$10 - $20 Commission Slots

:bulletwhite: Nyechan @ Flight Rising - Waist-up Colored Sketch - paid
:bulletwhite: Slate-san - Chibi sketch - Paid
:bulletwhite: huina - chibi or portrait sketch - paid
:bulletwhite:  - OPEN
:bulletwhite:  -OPEN

$30 Commissions

Painted Chibi
Painted Portrait
Full-body Colored Sketch

The Hobbit Buttons - Bilbo by BloodnSpiceSimon by BloodnSpiceThe Prince and the Pauper by BloodnSpice

$40 Commissions

Waist-Up Painting

Belikov by BloodnSpice

$30 - $40 Commission Slots

:bulletwhite: Caseysaurus  - fullbody colored sketch  - Paid
:bulletwhite: -OPEN-
:bulletwhite: -OPEN-

$50 Commissions

Full-body Painting

Masquerade by BloodnSpice

$100 Commissions

Additional character 50$

Stuffed Coven by BloodnSpice

$50 and $100  Commission Slots

:bulletwhite: Open

Note me or E-Mail me at to order a commission
-Must have reference and synopsis of character(s). (relationship between characters if adding additional characters)
-Pay after confirmation
-Feel free to add additional details if you wish, or ask questions. We can discuss via note/e-mail.
-I split my commissions now based on Difficulty. Keep in mine depending on the type of commission will likely effect how long the commission will take to complete.

Alternative Payment Options
:points:  - > $1 = 100 :points:
Flight Rising - > $1 = 40,00 Treasure or 100 gems
Guild Wars 2 - > $1  =  6 gold

Skin Creator by SimplySilent

Back and Character Question meme thingy

Journal Entry: Thu May 3, 2012, 2:38 PM

Blood's Journal

Edit 2 : Donni, Todd

Edit: Ipo, Zasha, Jace, Gilbert, Jorge

Back from Chicago. Had a lot of fun and my legs hurt so much the day I got back i just laid there the entire next day. Had this wonderful pizza, Met one of my favorite artists ever, saw fishies and, hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs.

AAANYWAY that's the short version. And everyone else seems to be doing this so i thought i would too.

Stolen from many peeps

Name a Character of mine and I'll answer:

1. How I feel about this character:
2. All the people I ship romantically with this character:
3. My non-romantic OTP for this character:
4. My unpopular opinion about this character:
5. One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

1. Ah I have a great fondness for this character. He was created after creating a random speedpaint one day and fueled my love for goblins afterwords. He was also the first character I put in any clubs here on DA.
2. erm, well I left AoH a long time ago, and even then I didn't really ship him. He didn't get to know people enough.
3. herrp. He was friends with a few people but still so long ago. Atlas I remember was his closest friend.
4. I didn't make him goblinee enough. Needed to make him a bit more selfish and clever, even if he is nicer then most goblins. Also make his face a little less pretty
5. I'd wished he'd made it to teacher while he was there, but I got plans with him for Rising Crowns now so it's cool.

1.Despite the fact that I don't RP Zasha as much as I would like to, I still consider him like the number one star among all of my characters in DAMMED. Since he plays such an important role in the story, even with the dramatic changes.
2. AixZasha was one. He never really got to know anyone else very much though for me to ship him.
3. Him and Donni are like Best friends. hurp  Neither gets out much.
4. He's probably the most selfless person on base, despite what recruits think of him.
5. I hope someone cries for him.

1. he's one of the funnest to RP. Can get a bit annoying though, when people seem to come to the infirmary one after another sometimes from maiming eachother, then he would never get visited just for someone to actually spend time with him. (although now Rubes been helping with that)
2. JacexRuben. JacexJorge. Used to enjoy JacexMint
3. Jace is Jorge's buddy. Kinda helps him not to do something horribly stupid, and is quite understanding of his stupid.
4. I was really excited for the original plotline where we got to murder him. It's changed now but yeah.
5. hrrmmm I wish I'd of made him have a thicker southern accent. I try to show it occasionally though and i'm horrible at writing accents. Guess he just lost a lot of it being away from home so long.

1. He's like the troll of my characters. Trolling me. With his survival.
2. mmm none right now actually. I enjoy him teasing Jenner by being around bell, but i prefer them more like brother and sister.
3. I love him part of the whole 'bell's family' thing.  Hope the family may keep growing.
4. herp i don't actually know many opinions...
5. I wish he'd done more damage to more people besides Cilli and Winter. ewe

1. LAWL jorge is Jorge. HERPDEDOO.
2. EviexJorge while it lasted could be pretty cute. JacexJorge is my personal one. Then Dalton's unrequited love for him is amusing. Although in all honesty he's so innocent he's probably better off alone, because he wont fulfill sexual fantasies.
3. mmmmmmm his friendship with Jace i guess. He gets around, but i don't use him all too much since he usually has nothing to add to the situation.
4. He's supposed to be a bit more manly then i drew him on the ref. Something was wrong with me there.
5. I'm a bit sad I wont get to rp him losing jace.

1. Donni's tons of fun to play with, only problem is he'll only really have a conversation with someone he's comfortable with. Which is like...two people...
2. CillianxDonni fur suuure.
3. herm hum. he's fun to Rp with Jenner too and he considers him a friend. Uh also hangs with Zasha a lot.
4. uh,. i actually don't think I have one...Other then I think he can be rather unintentionally cruel. regrets.

1. Todd's one of the most sane people I can rp...for now. It was kinda fun getting to rp him as he grew up.
2. Candy walls and canoes. Liked to playfully ship him with Sam's little sister just because she pisses him off so much. Secretly been shipping him with winter for a little while for much the same reason. AwA
3.him being Jaces son will offer lots of awkwardness to come. yesss. perfect.
4. He would have been a better character in the original plot-line where Jace dies.
5. want to rp him finding out about his dad's new relationship. AwA

Leaving for the weekend

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 26, 2012, 4:28 PM

Blood's Journal

Just a heads up for everyone pretty much. I'm going to Chicago this weekend with the family for vacation. I'll be stopping by Acen on Friday then other places as well afterwords.

So if I'm dead over the weekend that's why.

Return from Shutocon

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 20, 2012, 5:41 PM

Blood's Journal

It was a great experience. I've never felt like all the work i've done practicing art paid off more then at the convention. And i know i can make much more with all the mistakes i made while there and getting ready.

I hope to join the artist's alley for Youmacon, and Jafax, if i can manage and am lucky enough to get in. I will make sure to be far more prepared for them if i make the list.

My pokemon buttons did well, and i got a feel for which ones were particularly popular as well.  Charmander and pikachu especially if i remember right, but there was quite a bit of cyndiquil and chikorita love too. And i had a few asks about Vulpix, so it's made my list of predetermined to be done pokemon, along with the Eeveelutions. By the way, my friend discovered that the chikorita button looks like an orange and i can't get over it.

The Zelda buttons didn't do so well, but I'll definitely try harder to finish off the set with at least groose and ghirahim. Possibly demise. I may make redos of the other three and try to make an even cuter button for each.

The charms did badly. We only sold an Ed edd n eddy. I'll definitly try them again but i question whether they're worth the time. I did not have astrological zodiac this go either, which i think may be better. but had made a chinese zodiac i managed to print out in time. and also hope to make them bigger since their small size was hard to work with and they may just look better a bit bigger.

Didn't sell a single of my bookmarks, but there was no fan art for it either, which obviously sold much better as not a single original thing sold. I'll keep making original sets, but i definitely wont make as many.

Also i must make sure not to forget business cards next time. It was sad having to write it down for people so that's on my to-do list.

Also i didn't realize how quickly i could draw so much. I'll try to keep upping my performance at home because it made me feel slow. I'll also keep going to my painting class again, and make more anime/video game paintings for sale at future cons. A painting I put up of England from hetalia for 50$ didn't sell, but it stopped a lot of people to look at it, and i think if i leave it up, after a few cons i may find the person who loves it enough to go for it.  So i'd like to make more. I'll also make sure to have prints in the future. So i think all the money i made at Shutocon will probably be used preparing for future cons, because there is no way i want to stop!

Thanks to anyone who may have seen me. And I can't wait for next year! Sorry for the long journal but it was my first and was awesome.


Tue Feb 7, 2012, 3:14 PM




$4.00 USD each. Must order at least 3 buttons per order to make up for shipping cost.

You May commission custom buttons to be created! Just check out my Commissions.

Available Buttons
The Legend Of Zelda
Young Link - OoT Buttons by BloodnSpiceAdult Link - OoT Buttons by BloodnSpiceZelda Button Set by BloodnSpice
Pokemon Button Set by BloodnSpice
Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem Button Set - Henry by BloodnSpice
The Hobbit
The Hobbit Buttons - Thorin by BloodnSpiceThe Hobbit Buttons - Bilbo by BloodnSpiceThe Hobbit Buttons - Gandalf by BloodnSpice

-Shipments may be held throughout a month  to collect orders and ship them out at the same time. -
-Note me to Order-
-If you have any suggestions for series or characters  you would like to see merch for, feel free to request. The only way to ensure I do a specific character however is by commissioning me-

Update on life and some group lovin'

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2012, 7:57 PM

Blood's Journal

Hey guys, sup? Don't get journals from me often i know but a little update once in a while doesn't kill. I wanted to say thanks to all the people brave enough/friendly enough/ awesome enough to tell me some of their favorite series, characters and franchises. I'm keeping the info to get some ideas for buttons and prints.

Speaking of such I just got my button maker in today, and plan to get my laminator this weekend after i mess with it a bit. Which may mean, once i do get some button sets made, that i can  open up a nice little shop right here on DA. It'll be fab, but nothing spectacular. Still gotta figure out my prices but wont be any more then 5$.

My convention is in march, and i have some groups to get my ass working on as many of you probably already know. So i'm trying to fix my sleep schedule and work for the same time that my dad works, minus a couple hours each day. Which means i'll spend that time doing art that has to get done. (commissions, important group art, things i owe and promised people mostly) And then the times he's not working will be my me time of whatever i want. <w> Which may mean i rp a bit less but should be around on weekends. Fixing my sleep schedule means i should keep going to bed BEFORE the sun comes up jfasdkofjai

And once i catch up on my things i still owe i may open some fan art trades with people interested. I need some good ideas for prints, but they take more time then buttons so trying to do whole sets will leave me with little variety by march. For anyone who might be interested at least. I wont be picky on the artists either, mostly just the ideas or things that seem nice to paint. QuQ

BUT enough about me! I want to talk about some Role play groups to those who might be interested.

First of :iconmdlxiii: is a group my friend recently opened up and they're ready for applications! I'll probably try to join too once i find myself less busy. It's got a lot of potential for some wonderful drama in it and is worth at least a peak.

Next is :icond-a-m-m-e-d:. We're running slow right now since my partner seems to be having irl issues, but that'll give everyone plenty of time to make an application if they're interested. If you're really interested in collaborating with another artist and making some new friends it's a good group to join. And we try to keep the plot interesting as well.

And lastly,  there's :iconrising-crowns: This is a group that i made a long time ago and was in desperate need of fixing up, so me and my good friend Ire stripped it everything but it's basic idea and started over again. It's not open yet, but by the end of the month i hope to be looking for our new monarchs who will lead their nations and the fate of world. I just need to get a couple more race sheets up and we can start looking. Which i'll force myself to do next week as promised.  

I think that covers everything i wanted to say. Thanks to all who read and peaked at the clubs.

to those who didn't tl;dr : Thanks for talkin' to me, got a button maker gonna make me some buttons and check these out :iconmdlxiii::icond-a-m-m-e-d::iconrising-crowns:

Pulling Teeth

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2011, 1:18 AM

Blood's Journal

I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. They're probably gonna put me under, or at least drug me up. This means I might not be on all weekend or if i am i might be miserable. I've never done anything like this before so it's hard to say how I'll react, just giving a heads up to those that I talk to a lot. Hope I heal fast. If i act strange don't blame me. TTFN :heart:

New Look

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 11:35 PM

Blood's Journal

Thanks to :iconmonokroe: I've got this absolutely sugary cute-tastic journal. QuQ

It's coming along a new year so I thought it was time for a new look. I'm working on my front page right now, and decided on Grass pokemon this year. So if the front page looks aweful it's cus it's a work in progress or i just suck at doing it so yeah fjasdklfjasdf.  :heart:

Commissions (Closed)

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 29, 2011, 12:15 AM

Blood's Journal

Painted chibi icons and sketches do not take up any slots. I will be keeping my prices here until i feel more comfortable raising the price.

1. 2 character painting - 30$ - :icondragain:
2. 1 character painting + details - 35$ - :iconmauvetears:
3. 2 character painting - 30$- :iconunoffangirls:
4. 2 character painting -30$ - :iconpinchmonster:
5. 2 character painting + Character design - 4,000 DAPoints - :iconbell-cat:

Note me with what you want if you're interested.

Prices and Examples

Painted Chibi Icons - $5 or 400pts

Colored Sketches - $5 or 400pts
Extra Character - +$5 each or 400 pts

Chibi - $7 or 560 pts
Extra Character - +$7 each or 560 pts

Ed Edd n Eddy chibies by BloodnSpiceZodiac Chibies by BloodnSpiceJo chibi by BloodnSpice

Bust - $15 or 1200 pts
Extra Character- +15 each or 1200 pts

Roger by BloodnSpiceElliot by BloodnSpiceCillian by BloodnSpice

Paintings - $25(more if extremely detailed) or 3000 pts
Extra character - $5 each or 400 pts

Water Task by BloodnSpice:Johann by BloodnSpiceOld Kiriban-CelestinaGrey by BloodnSpice

Character Design - $20 or 1600 pts

Art for Advertising (OVER)

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 22, 2011, 1:25 AM

Thanks guys for all the help i got. I have great news being that i'm getting a new computer by the end of the month, complete with monitor and packing a lot more power. My dad is helping me out this time. I did get commissioned though and hope to save up for that Spyder regardless among other things so plz head over to my commissions if you're interested.

!!Free Art offer!!

Well kinda sorta a free art offer. No money needs to be paid, but it's in hopes that i might earn some. You see just a few minutes ago my cintiq went black, or more like blue tinted but not-quite-as-useful none the less. Now i can still draw with it, like people would a regular tablet, which is great! But when your computer is duller then fuck on the colors no matter how much you try to mess with the settings, and your dad nags at you if you take his, you're left with only a few solutions. Get color adjustment software for my slowly turning to crap laptop, get a new computer, or get a new cintiq. All of which are not cheap. Or i could try stealing my dad's computer but being that we live in the same house he's bound to notice eventually. lol

So for the sake of color, I need to make one of these solutions happen. And for that I'll need some cash. I imagine i can steal my dad's computer for colored works when he's not around to want it. But it'd be temporary.  Especially with me needing to make sure i get convention work done.

So here is my offer: If you make a journal advertising my need for Commissions, and LINKING your watchers to my commissions page, i will give you a bust sketch of any character you like. Just comment on this journal, with a link to the advertising journal, and a link to the character you want me to draw. Simple enough right? And i think a pretty fair trade. You don't even have to be watching me to get on it so your watchers can get in on it too.   

Character Bust sketch example:

Commission page --->…

TL;DR: Having computer issues, need money, so need commissioners, so need advertisement, so I'm offering a trade of art for advertising.

All help is appreciated. Thank you dears.

Edit again: New kiriban

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 14, 2011, 1:31 AM

New Kiriban: Because the other one was missed on accident i'm told. 15,050 page views now. best of luck, don't forget to hit print screen.

Edit: So i forgot to say this bit, I'm going to be holding a Kiriban for 15,000 pageviews. Make sure, if you catch it you send me the whole page, no cropping, cutting etc. It's coming up in a while  so keep a look out peeps. /edit

So I've been really in the dumps lately. I know after today, which i got a ton of art done it was rather odd, it might be surpising when i tell you i've been having a lack of motivation problem. I'm hoping it's just a small faze and i'll get out of it soon. But i really need to work on taking my art to the next level and really make some profit from it (especially since i need the money to afford spyder, a monitor color correction software, maybe a new computer since this one is working for me right now but i fear it's termination is immanent, and to prepare for Conventions.

So if anyone even remembers my request journal, i'm afraid i was advise not to. orz which makes sense. Since the value of my art may go up if i'm not constantly  giving it away for free. So free art will remain either for gifts for friends, just me feeling like it, or special events like Kiribans.  I'm deeply sorry to anybody who was waiting for those requests, i hope though my reasons are understandable. If you really want my art, i have commissions open however.

alright it's like so late/early and i should head to bed and make myself do stuff when i wake up so that i might get all motivated again. Ciao~


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 9, 2011, 7:38 AM

I'm join.meing to finish a birthday present. Come along if you  like. (my internet may or may not cut out but i think it may be fixed now)

Isn't it nice?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 10:44 PM

:iconblowjob-blowfish: made me this awesome new journal in like an hour. Where i took like three days trying to figure this crap out! jlksdafjas <3 so thank you deary! I'll have your painting by tomorrow for our trade i think.

Something else that is also nice, so i'm not just spamming you to look at my wonderful new journal, is i signed up and got confirmed for my first con! I can't wait. in march, lansing's
shuto con right here in michigan. if any of you are int he are you should totally come by. <3

internet out

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 30, 2011, 7:15 PM

Yeah like of says. My internets pretty much kaput again. I'm typing this up on my phone. It's probably our phone line. They'll call Monday the uh.... Phone company. It cuts in and out so I might pop up but don't count on it for long.